What Are the Key Skills of a CT Technologist?



A computed tomography (CT) technologist has an important job: conducting CT scans. However, there’s more to this job than just operating a piece of equipment. What skills are necessary for a CT tech to excel in the role? Technical skills CT scans can be very helpful in making a diagnosis. This type of test provides… Read more »

Your Surgical Tech Job Search Is Frustrating – These Tips Will Help



Searching for a job can be full of challenges, and it can get very frustrating. It’s important for people who are in the middle of a job search to take care of themselves, focus on life beyond the job search, and figure out ways to deal with the stress. What excites you? What do you… Read more »

How Are Robots Being Used in the Operating Room?



Technological advances are making a difference in people’s lives in many ways on any given day. That applies to healthcare, too. These advances have come to the operating room, too; robotic surgery is an excellent example of this. Why are robots used in the operating room? Surgery can make positive differences for patients, and it… Read more »

How Can You Prepare for the CRCST Certification?


The Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) exam is offered by the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM). Passing this exam indicates that the individual has demonstrated the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to serve competently as a Central Service Technician, or sterile tech. How can you prepare for this exam? We… Read more »

Is Lying Ever Acceptable from Healthcare Personnel?



Any given day can be filled with a combination of truths, half-truths, little white lies, outright lies, and many things in between. How about during a doctor visit or a trip to the hospital? Is lying ever acceptable from healthcare personnel? Honesty is key Open and honest dialogue is critical to effective care, and it’s… Read more »

Is a Sterile Processing Technician a Good Job?



The healthcare field offers a wide variety of career options, including sterile processing technician. There are several factors that make this a great job; they also make it a very popular option for many people. Are you considering a career as a sterile processing technician? If so, the following highlights may help you decide if… Read more »

The Top Skills Healthcare Employers Want from Medical Assistants



What skills do employers look for when hiring medical assistants? What qualities help medical assistants excel in their jobs? Although each employer prioritizes specific skills and qualities, there are a few general skills and attributes that are at the top of the list. People Skills Throughout any given shift, medical assistants interact with people. They… Read more »

Do Surgical Tech Specialists Make More Money?


A surgical tech is a very important member of the operating room team. Surgical techs have duties before, during, and after surgery, and all of these duties are critical to providing excellent care and ensuring that the operating room runs smoothly. Many surgical techs choose to specialize; this can lead to additional responsibilities, as well… Read more »

Why Do Healthcare Professionals Need a Staffing Agency to Fill Their Healthcare Job Openings?



Healthcare providers are experts in their fields; they are skilled at providing care. Staffing agencies are experts in their field; they have expertise in filling job openings. Why is this important? What value do staffing agencies bring to healthcare professionals who are looking to fill healthcare job openings? Service excellence When a company or organization… Read more »