Which Skills Make for a Successful Surgical Technologist?

  As with any profession, surgical technologists need certain skills to perform well in the job. What are the basic skills necessary for this job? Are there any skills beyond the basics that can help in this role? The Basics Given the nature of the job, surgical technologists can find themselves in high-pressure situations. Not […]

How Can You Hire the Best Nurses for Your Team?

Nurses are important. They are the people patients see most frequently, so they play a key role in any hospital, private practice, clinic or other healthcare setting. When hiring a nurse, it’s essential to hire the best. Pay attention to these three elements to make the hiring process smoother and more successful. Education In previous […]

How Can Nurses Use Social Media to Help?

How many times a day do people say they read something on Facebook, saw an article on LinkedIn, or learned about something on another social media site? For many people, social media is part of everyday life, and most people think nothing of posting about the odds and ends of life or commenting on other […]

What Are the Differences Between Surgical Techs and Sterile Techs?

What exactly do surgical technologists and sterile techs do? Are these two jobs the same, or do the duties overlap? There can be a lot of confusion about this, but the names can be very helpful in eliminating many of the questions about these jobs. It can be helpful to keep in mind that the […]

Nurses Can Use Online Programs to Earn In-Demand Degrees

Many people don’t associate nursing degrees with online learning. For some people, traditional degree programs are impossible to take on because of work schedules, childcare issues or other concerns. Online nursing degree programs may present the perfect answer for these people and many others who are considering a degree. Why are nursing degrees in demand? […]

Who Is Responsible for Nursing Unit Leadership Besides the Nurse Manager?

The effectiveness and productivity of nursing teams often depends on unit cohesion and strong leadership. All healthcare employment agencies know that in environments involving patient care, teamwork is of the utmost importance, with nurses staying in teams that know how to work together under the direction of a capable leader. Besides being more productive, nurses […]