Why Should You Consider a Nursing Career?

Choosing a career can be challenging. Many people are drawn to careers in healthcare because they want to help others. A career in nursing provides the opportunity to help others, but it offers several other important advantages, too. Career Options Where do nurses work? The first answer that comes to mind for many people is […]

Nurses Can Use Online Programs to Earn In-Demand Degrees

Many people don’t associate nursing degrees with online learning. For some people, traditional degree programs are impossible to take on because of work schedules, childcare issues or other concerns. Online nursing degree programs may present the perfect answer for these people and many others who are considering a degree. Why are nursing degrees in demand? […]

The Best Source of Referrals Already Works for You

When people are looking for a new restaurant, a car dealership or a babysitter, they may ask friends for referrals. How about when people are looking for a new job? Although many people may not be aware of it, friends can be a great resource for that, too. What are employee referrals? When a current […]

How Do You Know When You’re Ready for a New Healthcare Job?

It’s time to go to work. Sometimes, those words are just the beginning of another workday. Other times, they inspire feelings of dismay or even dread. Is it a rough patch or is it time for a new job? There are a few key signs that will help with answering this question. Time to Go? […]

The Role of Nurses in Preventive Health Care

It’s always better to stay healthy than to suffer illness, and a little prevention can go a long way. Preventive care is not just wishful thinking; this increasingly popular area of the health care sector…works to improve the overall wellness of Americans. Nurses play a critical role in this aspect of health care because they […]

Develop Your Nursing Skills to Advance Your Career

Is a leader born or made? This question has been asked many times in many situations throughout history. It has been applied to many professions, including nursing. What makes a great nurse manager, head nurse, nursing supervisor, or director of nursing? Be a leader today Some people display leadership qualities long before they ever hold […]