Should Healthcare Consider Online Training?

Getting a degree used to mean attending classes on a college campus. That’s still the case for many students, but others get their degree through online programs. What’s beneficial about getting a degree this way? What’s not so good? How do employers view online degrees? Pros and Cons In a traditional college setting, classes are […]

Don’t Seem Desperate in Your Job Search

At one time or another, many job seekers begin to feel desperate; however, that desperation may make employers or hiring managers more hesitant to hire the person. How can someone who is very anxious to find a job avoid coming across as desperate? There are a few important steps. Be Professional Even when a job […]

4 Questions to Ask on Your Next Job Interview

During a job interview, the interviewer asks a lot of questions, but what about when the interviewer asks if the candidate has questions? That’s just a courtesy, right? Wrong! The interviewer may be trying to gauge whether [the candidate] is informed, interested, and engaged. That means that a candidate who doesn’t have any questions may […]

Managing Employees with Foreign Accents

In many healthcare situations, patients and their families are stressed, worried, scared, overwhelmed and uncertain. Situations can be complicated by delays, poor test results and insurance issues. What if the patient or family members have a difficult time understanding a healthcare provider’s accent? In addition to making a situation more complicated, it creates a potential […]

Do You Need to Keep Employees Engaged? Listen to Them!

What makes a good leader? There are many possible answers to this question, but a good leader who is a good listener has the potential to be a great leader. Listening and Leadership When leaders do all the talking, they miss out on valuable input. They don’t know why employees might be unhappy, what ideas […]

How a Staffing Company Helps Surgical and Sterile Technicians Find Jobs

How do staffing companies work? How can a staffing company help ME find a job? These are common questions. Many people are unsure if a staffing company can be helpful in a job search, or how a staffing company works in the healthcare industry. A strong foundation When an individual goes to a staffing company […]