Don’t Seem Desperate in Your Job Search

At one time or another, many job seekers begin to feel desperate; however, that desperation may make employers or hiring managers more hesitant to hire the person. How can someone who is very anxious to find a job avoid coming across as desperate? There are a few important steps. Be Professional Even when a job […]

4 Questions to Ask on Your Next Job Interview

During a job interview, the interviewer asks a lot of questions, but what about when the interviewer asks if the candidate has questions? That’s just a courtesy, right? Wrong! The interviewer may be trying to gauge whether [the candidate] is informed, interested, and engaged. That means that a candidate who doesn’t have any questions may […]

Where Can I Work Besides a Hospital?

Allied healthcare professionals are critical to patient care, with the majority of CSTs and sterile techs employed in medical and surgical hospitals—but this isn’t the only clinical setting where their skills are in demand. That begs the question – what other jobs can a surgical tech do? The answer for where surgical techs can work includes […]