What Do Nurses Want from Their Managers?

During a given day, nurses work with patients, patients’ family members, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. They also work with managers. A great manager can help a nurse achieve job satisfaction and be successful. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a manager can reduce a nurse’s job satisfaction and ability to succeed. High-Quality Leadership […]

What Technology Are Nurses Using Daily?

Technological innovations can change lives in many ways. Skype allows people in distant locations to see each other while they have a virtual meeting or catch up on family events. Smartphones make it possible to catch every call, look things up online, play games, and much more. In these cases, technology is a luxury that […]

Dealing with Knowledgeable Patients

For many people, the Internet is a favorite source of information: Weather forecast? Check. Movie theater listings? Check. Breaking news? Check. What’s causing my back pain? Check? Googling symptoms has become very common. “In fact, 86 percent of patients conduct a health-related search before scheduling a doctor’s appointment,” as noted by a Binary Fountain article. […]

Manage Stress with Work-Life Balance

There are 168 hours in a week. If a person spends 45 hours at work, that leaves 123 hours. Subtracting eight hours per night for sleep leaves 67 hours for everything else. That sounds good, especially because for most people it outweighs the amount of time spent at work. However, there are many demands on […]

Am I Burned Out? What Does It Feel Like?

Tough day at work? Everyone has days like that, but some days feel worse than typical bad days. And sometimes, it feels like every day falls into that category. When that happens, employees may say they feel burned out. The phenomenon of burnout is not unique to healthcare, but an article from PubMed Health notes […]

Salary Expectations for Surgical Techs and How to Negotiate For It

When certified surgical technicians (CST) carefully assess their geography, work experience, education and training, it helps them determine their earning potential! Surgical technologists working through a healthcare staffing agency may rest assured that recruiters are there to help candidates negotiate a fair salary; however, it still pays for CSTs to know what they’re worth. Begin […]