What Is the Most Effective Method to Explaining Contract Assignments on Your Healthcare Resume?



Preparing a resume can be tough. You have to choose a format, include all relevant work history, and find the right words to convey your unique knowledge, skills, and abilities. Figuring out how to include your contract assignments doesn’t have to be an added burden; we can help. Your experience is valuable What did you… Read more »

What Is a Per Diem Surgical Tech?



Whether you’ve been in the workforce for a while or are just getting started, you may come across new terms. Per diem is one of them; many people have heard the term, but they may not know what it means.  What does per diem mean?  The term per diem has Latin roots. It means per day, and,… Read more »

What Are Different Job Titles for Surgical Techs and Sterile Techs?



  Searching for a job can be challenging. Different job titles can make the process more challenging. For example, if you are a surgical tech or sterile tech, you may find jobs under a variety of different titles. This is a handy guide to help you sort through them. Keep in mind that these titles… Read more »

Why Should You Consider a Nursing Career?


Choosing a career can be challenging. Many people are drawn to careers in healthcare because they want to help others. A career in nursing provides the opportunity to help others, but it offers several other important advantages, too. Career Options Where do nurses work? The first answer that comes to mind for many people is… Read more »