Four Tips for Healthcare Workers to Handle Stress and Anxiety During Their Shift


Bad days can happen to anyone, but they can be more common during times of high stress, pressure, and worry. COVID-19 is a source of concern for everyone, but healthcare workers may find that they’re dealing with more stress and anxiety than normal. Fortunately, there are some tools that can help. Check In Say you’re […]

What is Collaborative Robotics and How Does It Change the OR?


Collaborative robotics is a feature in many operating rooms throughout the United States, and it’s becoming more widespread, with additional uses. But what does it mean? It makes many people wonder if the robot performs surgery. The answer is no: as with many robotic medical applications, the robot merely augments the surgeon’s or technician’s skill. […]

How Is Virtual Reality Going to Change Surgery?


Virtual reality is just for games and having fun, right? Wrong. Virtual reality can be a useful tool in many ways, including in healthcare. It already has several uses related to surgery, and its usefulness in this area continues to grow. Using Imaging and Other Data When planning for surgery, surgeons examine all available imaging […]