Our Top Career Tips from 2018 for Surgical Techs


2018 is a memory, but its lessons are still valuable. We offered a variety of tips relevant to surgical techs, and this review can help surgical techs who want to make the best of 2019. Location and Advancement Surgical techs do important work before, during, and after surgery, and surgical teams wouldn’t be complete without […]

Our Top Career Tips from 2018 for Sterile Techs


Are you considering a career as a sterile tech? We shared some important information about this topic during the year, and here are some highlights to help you learn more. 2019 may be the year for you to pursue that career as a sterile tech! Thinking about California? We’re based in California, and we specialize […]

Could Texting Bring You a Better Candidate Than Actually Talking?


Who have you texted recently? Friends, a family member, a candidate? If you’ve never contacted candidates via text, you may think this is an outlandish idea, but it’s becoming rather popular, and it may be time to put it on your radar. Advantages Texting isn’t new, but using it as a candidate screening tool is […]

Four Tips to Give Thanks During the Entire Year


It’s easy to give thanks on good days, but it can be more difficult to express gratitude on really rough days when nothing seems to go right. Fortunately, giving thanks can become easier over time. We have a few tips that can help you find things to be thankful for even on the toughest days. […]

It’s Central Service Professionals Week – What Value Do They Provide Behind the Scenes?


In a healthcare setting, every employee fulfills an important role. Some provide patient care, some clean rooms, some fill prescriptions, and some sterilize instruments. A healthcare environment can be home to many germs, and sterilizing instruments properly is essential for limiting patients’ exposure to them. For Central Service Professionals Week, it’s important to recognize and […]