Healthcare and Big Data 101

Big data. The term sounds like it has to do with numbers in large quantities. It sounds far removed from individuals or from anyone’s health. Big data is everywhere, including healthcare. What exactly does that mean? What is big data? People toss the term around, but what does “big data” really mean? Bernard Marr examined […]

What Do Managers Want from Their Nurses?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what nurse managers and other bosses want from their nurses? Although it’s impossible to have insight into what every manager thinks, there are some common threads. Information like this can be helpful for recent graduates or veteran nurses who are looking for jobs. It can also be helpful […]

What Do Nurses Want from Their Managers?

During a given day, nurses work with patients, patients’ family members, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. They also work with managers. A great manager can help a nurse achieve job satisfaction and be successful. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a manager can reduce a nurse’s job satisfaction and ability to succeed. High-Quality Leadership […]

Why Is It Important to Continue Learning after Graduation?

Learning ends when school days are done, right? In some professions, the answer is yes. For many professions, including healthcare, learning continues well beyond a diploma. Learning that occurs after an individual has fulfilled their degree requirements is generally known as continuing education. It’s required in healthcare, as well as in many other fields, including […]

What Technology Are Nurses Using Daily?

Technological innovations can change lives in many ways. Skype allows people in distant locations to see each other while they have a virtual meeting or catch up on family events. Smartphones make it possible to catch every call, look things up online, play games, and much more. In these cases, technology is a luxury that […]

What Is Collaborative Nursing?

In collaborative nursing, nurses work with each other or other medical professionals to achieve a common goal. Collaborative nursing is a great example of the ripple effect. This type of collaboration may have a positive impact on one patient; however, the ripples may extend well beyond that patient. The result may even be a new […]