What Is a Hybrid Operating Room?

Modern medicine becomes even more modern every day. Procedures and treatments that were cutting edge even a generation ago are now commonplace; in some cases, they may even have been replaced by innovations that came about in the past several years. All of these innovations aim to help people live healthier, longer lives. Basics of […]

How Healthcare Big Data Can Help with Prevention

What if it were possible to predict that a person would become diabetic within a few years? What if a doctor could diagnose depression before the individual even realized that they were struggling with it? Not so long ago, these questions might have sounded ludicrous. However, big data is making such advances possible. Putting patient […]

Tablets Make the Job Easier for Healthcare Personnel in a Number of Ways

Tablets have become a common sight in medical offices and hospitals, as well as other clinical settings. Why is that? It’s simple – tablets make the job easier for healthcare providers in many ways. 1. Make information available immediately In days gone by, information was recorded in a patient’s paper chart. If a doctor needed […]

How a Staffing Company Helps Surgical and Sterile Technicians Find Jobs

How do staffing companies work? How can a staffing company help ME find a job? These are common questions. Many people are unsure if a staffing company can be helpful in a job search, or how a staffing company works in the healthcare industry. A strong foundation When an individual goes to a staffing company […]