Healthcare and Big Data 101

Big data. The term sounds like it has to do with numbers in large quantities. It sounds far removed from individuals or from anyone’s health. Big data is everywhere, including healthcare. What exactly does that mean? What is big data? People toss the term around, but what does “big data” really mean? Bernard Marr examined […]

How Soft Skills Help You Get a Job in the Medical Field

Do you relate well to others? Are you patient? Empathetic? If so, you possess some very important soft skills. “Soft skills relate to the way employees relate to and interact with other people.” Soft skills, also called people skills, are differentiated from hard skills, which are “teachable abilities or skill sets that are easy to […]

Dealing with Knowledgeable Patients

For many people, the Internet is a favorite source of information: Weather forecast? Check. Movie theater listings? Check. Breaking news? Check. What’s causing my back pain? Check? Googling symptoms has become very common. “In fact, 86 percent of patients conduct a health-related search before scheduling a doctor’s appointment,” as noted by a Binary Fountain article. […]

Manage Stress with Work-Life Balance

There are 168 hours in a week. If a person spends 45 hours at work, that leaves 123 hours. Subtracting eight hours per night for sleep leaves 67 hours for everything else. That sounds good, especially because for most people it outweighs the amount of time spent at work. However, there are many demands on […]