What Is a Hybrid Operating Room?

Modern medicine becomes even more modern every day. Procedures and treatments that were cutting edge even a generation ago are now commonplace; in some cases, they may even have been replaced by innovations that came about in the past several years. All of these innovations aim to help people live healthier, longer lives. Basics of […]

Can You Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds?

What in the world is an elevator speech and why do you need one? An elevator speech is a concise, compelling introduction that can be communicated in the amount of time it takes someone to ride the elevator to their floor. A good elevator speech can be useful during any encounter with a potential employer, […]

Managing Employees with Foreign Accents

In many healthcare situations, patients and their families are stressed, worried, scared, overwhelmed and uncertain. Situations can be complicated by delays, poor test results and insurance issues. What if the patient or family members have a difficult time understanding a healthcare provider’s accent? In addition to making a situation more complicated, it creates a potential […]

The Best Source of Referrals Already Works for You

When people are looking for a new restaurant, a car dealership or a babysitter, they may ask friends for referrals. How about when people are looking for a new job? Although many people may not be aware of it, friends can be a great resource for that, too. What are employee referrals? When a current […]

Get Better at Networking by Not Focusing on Yourself

The thing that often turns many people off from networking is how everyone who does it seems to be thinking only of themselves. It’s a belief that’s not exactly without merit. Many staffing services see it all the time: The ubiquitous networker who prowls events and conventions, handing out business cards to people they think […]

A Staffing Agency Finds the Right Fit for Your Company

Some people think staffing services companies are only good for hiring people for temp jobs or similar openings. But the truth is that a reliable staffing company, one with many years experience, is more likely to help you find the most qualified candidates for your job than anyone else. Here are a few reasons why […]