What Makes for an Awesome Surgical Tech?


When people are considering a particular career, they may wonder what makes a person excel in the field. With that information, they can compare their own skills to the qualities associated with excellence to help them determine if the field would be a good fit. For example, what makes for an awesome surgical tech? There […]

Why Should You Find a Job at a Top-Tier Hospital?

Some jobs offer advantages over other jobs. Working at a top-tier hospital, for example, can afford employees amenities that may not be available elsewhere. These amenities can be incredible incentives for people who are looking for a surgical tech job or a new nursing position. Better pay This has universal appeal, so competition for jobs […]

Which Resume Format Is Right for You?

It’s challenging to prepare a resume. Although it’s just a document, it represents an individual’s professional background. It can help a person land an interview; however, if it’s not done well, it can mean the candidate never gets in the door. There are two types of resumes: traditional and skills-based resumes. Which is best for […]

The Importance of Hospital Safety

No doubt about it – safety is a top priority for healthcare professionals in every area they inhabit, from patients’ hospital rooms, to surgical suites, supply rooms and decontamination areas. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may be the best resource for hospital staff when it comes to identifying potential hazards and solutions. Here […]