Surgical Tech Duties: During the Surgery



Now that we’ve covered what a surgical tech does before the surgery, you may be wondering what a surgical tech does during the surgery. That’s a good question, and we’re going to answer it for you here. This could be especially helpful to you if you’re considering this as a career, so read on. Passing… Read more »

Surgical Tech Duties: Before the Surgery


When people think of operating rooms, they may think of doctors, nurses, equipment, and bright lights. However, many people are unaware that surgical techs are very important members of any operating room team. They have specific and essential duties before, during, and after surgery. Let’s begin with what they do before surgery. Duties before surgery… Read more »

Is Bad Body Language Costing You the Surgical Tech Job? Four Ways to Fix It Now



Interview after interview for a surgical tech job or other healthcare position – and no offers. That situation can be very frustrating, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. One of the most common causes for this situation can be body language. Even when the candidate says all the right things, bad body… Read more »

Three Tips to Deal with a Bad Boss in Healthcare



Work. For some people, the word alone may inspire a feeling of dread. Although some people enjoy their jobs, others deal with a lot of work-related stress. A bad boss can be a major source of stress. Here are three tips to help deal with a bad boss in your healthcare job. Look Internally First… Read more »

How Does a Surgical Tech Make a Difference in the World?


Everyone can make a difference in the world. How about making a difference at work? People in many professions can do this, and surgical techs are definitely on that list. Attention to Detail An individual facing surgery may face a range of emotions, including nervousness, apprehension, and even fear. The surgical team works together to… Read more »

Part 1: What Does It Take to Work As a Surgical Tech?


Some children know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Some people wait until well into adulthood to find their true calling. For people who lean toward a healthcare field, it can be tricky to narrow the options to choose a specific role. In some cases, a few specific factors can help… Read more »