How Can Healthcare Workers Avoid Back and Foot Pain?


Working in healthcare can be tough on the body. In addition to standing for hours during shifts, you may have to move patients and do other tasks that cause strain in various ways. If you want to avoid back and foot pain, we have a few tips. Stretch Everyone can experience tight muscles and stiffness, […]

What Makes for an Awesome Surgical Tech?


When people are considering a particular career, they may wonder what makes a person excel in the field. With that information, they can compare their own skills to the qualities associated with excellence to help them determine if the field would be a good fit. For example, what makes for an awesome surgical tech? There […]

Why You Should Consider Relocation in Your Healthcare Career


Relocation. For some people, the word itself can be unpleasant or even intimidate. For others, it may be enticing; it may make them think of new adventures, opportunities, and experiences. Relocation can offer several important things, and that’s why even people who are hesitant about it may want to at least consider it. A New […]