Who Aren’t You Thinking About When You Submit a Resume?


When you submit a resume, most of your focus may be on yourself; however, you should also think about the company you’re applying to. Let’s consider a few important points in this regard. Do you have the experience? If a job posting lists at least ten years of experience as a requirement, and your experience […]

Surgical Tech Duties: After the Surgery


Surgical techs are very important members of any operating room team. Just as they have specific duties before and during surgery, they have crucial tasks to complete after surgery, as well. Duties after surgery When an operation is drawing to a close, that doesn’t mean the surgical tech’s duties are complete. The surgical tech might […]

Surgical Tech Duties: During the Surgery


Now that we’ve covered what a surgical tech does before the surgery, you may be wondering what a surgical tech does during the surgery. That’s a good question, and we’re going to answer it for you here. This could be especially helpful to you if you’re considering this as a career, so read on. Passing […]

Surgical Tech Duties: Before the Surgery

When people think of operating rooms, they may think of doctors, nurses, equipment, and bright lights. However, many people are unaware that surgical techs are very important members of any operating room team. They have specific and essential duties before, during, and after surgery. Let’s begin with what they do before surgery. Duties before surgery […]

How to Work with a Boss You Can’t Stand


Work can be tough sometimes. In some cases, co-workers may be the problem. In other cases, the working conditions may be particularly challenging. In either of these situations, employees may talk with their boss to try to make things better. What can they do when the boss is the problem? Talk with the Boss When […]

Why a Healthcare Recruiter Will Help You Get a Job in 2017


  A new year represents a fresh start; for many people, it’s the perfect time to search for a new job. For people who are seeking employment in the healthcare field, a healthcare recruiter may be the right way to go. They bring several important attributes to the table. Access to Thousands of Clients Searching […]