Walk in Your Job Candidate’s Shoes to See Their Experience

When job candidates walk in for interviews, they feel like the spotlight is on them and like everyone is assessing them. However, there are two sides to that: the candidate is assessing at the same time. What is the candidate’s experience during the interview process? First Impressions What is the candidate’s first impression? It’s a […]

Trying To Move Into a Leadership Role in Your Surgical Team?

No doubt about it, leadership skills are a vital part of being a certified surgical technologist!  The OR team and surgeon are relying on you to do a lot more than prepare a sterile environment for the patient; CSTs must also excel at delegating, working as a team, anticipating all the right instruments, and identifying […]

3 Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Recruiter

Coming up with reasons why healthcare recruiters are invaluable is like shooting fish in a barrel; in other words, it’s remarkably easy to see how they make things so much easier for their candidates and clients. Recruiters, also known as consultants, work closely with job applicants, helping them customize the work experience and earn a […]