Do Surgical Techs Get Paid Well?


Are you considering a career as a surgical tech? If so, salary may be a factor in your decision-making process. You may also be wondering about the long-term stability of this career and the requirements to enter the field. We have answers for your questions. Salary Range Salaries can range in any profession, and surgical […]

Why Should You Find a Job at a Top-Tier Hospital?

Some jobs offer advantages over other jobs. Working at a top-tier hospital, for example, can afford employees amenities that may not be available elsewhere. These amenities can be incredible incentives for people who are looking for a surgical tech job or a new nursing position. Better pay This has universal appeal, so competition for jobs […]

How Much Money Do Surgical Techs Make in California?

When looking at a salary chart, it’s always nice to be in the area where salaries are highest. Surgical techs in California know how nice that feeling is. So, how much do surgical techs in California earn? Top Dollar As with any other industry, salaries for surgical techs can vary widely from one state to […]

Can I Be A Surgical Tech?

Surgical technology careers are plentiful in states like California, where CSTs stand to make the highest annual incomes for surgical techs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An allied healthcare career in the OR of any hospital is a coveted role for aspiring medical professionals. If you are thinking of switching careers and joining […]