How to Make Your Elevator Speech Unique

It’s like winning the lottery: Sometimes an individual finds him or herself face to face with the person who can make a dream come true. A great elevator speech can help it happen. What is an Elevator Speech? In some cases, those face-to-face moments happen in elevators; a good elevator speech allows the person who […]

Don’t Let a Negative Co-Worker Drag You Down

Everyone has been there at one time or another: a negative co-worker creates a toxic environment at work. What’s the best way to handle this? It’s important to avoid getting dragged down into the negativity, but what’s the most effective and appropriate way to do that? Why is it a problem? Before considering solutions, it […]

What Is a Hybrid Operating Room?

Modern medicine becomes even more modern every day. Procedures and treatments that were cutting edge even a generation ago are now commonplace; in some cases, they may even have been replaced by innovations that came about in the past several years. All of these innovations aim to help people live healthier, longer lives. Basics of […]

What Does a Surgical Tech Do on a Daily Basis?

When a patient requires surgery or another type of procedure, each healthcare professional in the room fulfills an important role. Each person has specific duties to ensure that, as a team, they provide the patient with the best possible care. The surgical tech is an important member of that team. The basics A surgical technologist, […]

What Are the Differences Between Surgical Techs and Sterile Techs?

What exactly do surgical technologists and sterile techs do? Are these two jobs the same, or do the duties overlap? There can be a lot of confusion about this, but the names can be very helpful in eliminating many of the questions about these jobs. It can be helpful to keep in mind that the […]