What Makes for an Awesome Surgical Tech?


When people are considering a particular career, they may wonder what makes a person excel in the field. With that information, they can compare their own skills to the qualities associated with excellence to help them determine if the field would be a good fit. For example, what makes for an awesome surgical tech? There […]

Four Questions a Surgical Tech Gets in the Job Interview

Job interviews can be stressful experiences. It can be very helpful to know what to expect ahead of time because the interviewee can think about answers. Surgical techs can think about the following questions and even use them for mock interviews to get more comfortable with the real thing. 1. How much experience do you […]

How Does a Surgical Tech Make a Difference in the World?

Everyone can make a difference in the world. How about making a difference at work? People in many professions can do this, and surgical techs are definitely on that list. Attention to Detail An individual facing surgery may face a range of emotions, including nervousness, apprehension, and even fear. The surgical team works together to […]

How Much Money Do Surgical Techs Make in California?

When looking at a salary chart, it’s always nice to be in the area where salaries are highest. Surgical techs in California know how nice that feeling is. So, how much do surgical techs in California earn? Top Dollar As with any other industry, salaries for surgical techs can vary widely from one state to […]

Part 1: What Does It Take to Work As a Surgical Tech?

Some children know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Some people wait until well into adulthood to find their true calling. For people who lean toward a healthcare field, it can be tricky to narrow the options to choose a specific role. In some cases, a few specific factors can help […]