Why Is It Important to Continue Learning after Graduation?

Learning ends when school days are done, right? In some professions, the answer is yes. For many professions, including healthcare, learning continues well beyond a diploma. Learning that occurs after an individual has fulfilled their degree requirements is generally known as continuing education. It’s required in healthcare, as well as in many other fields, including […]

Be a Problem Solver, Not a Complainer

“Hello, what seems to be the problem?” That’s how many visits begin in the doctor’s office, emergency room, or other healthcare setting, but what happens when the patient begins to talk about the problem? Sometimes, the patient’s fear is paralyzing; in other cases, the patient may give a partial list of symptoms or be very […]

Salary Expectations for Surgical Techs and How to Negotiate For It

When certified surgical technicians (CST) carefully assess their geography, work experience, education and training, it helps them determine their earning potential! Surgical technologists working through a healthcare staffing agency may rest assured that recruiters are there to help candidates negotiate a fair salary; however, it still pays for CSTs to know what they’re worth. Begin […]