Southern Living, Southern Working

Matching healthcare experts with medical facilities throughout the Southeast.

The Professionals We Place In The Southeast

From our healthcare staffing agency’s Georgia location, we staff the entire Southeastern United States from Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond. We place the following professionals:

Interested in settling down with a full-time job?

Want the flexibility of temporary work or per diem shifts? How about expanding your horizons with travel nursing? No matter your preference, we’re the nurse staffing agency in Georgia that can get you there. 

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Supplying Healthcare Facilities Throughout The Southeast

Whether you’re in need of a new department member to push things in an exciting new direction or you’re looking for temporary staff to assist when things get busy, your medical facility can’t cut corners when it comes to personnel. That’s why partnering with a healthcare job recruiter in Georgia who understands the healthcare market in this part of the country is so important. We look forward to helping you find your next great team member.
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Our Services

Per Diem
Handle tricky staffing situations and cover for planned and unplanned absences through our per diem offering.
Augment your existing staff with skilled travel nurses who work at your facility for eight weeks or longer.
“Test drive” an employee in your facility to evaluate skills and cultural fit before extending a job offer.
Add an all-star to your permanent roster and save time, resources, and headaches while doing it.