At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, our #1 focus is excellence.

Our board room may involve board shorts, yet we staff nationwide. Living in Southern California means that we get the best beaches, the best Mexican restaurants and the best weather – 365. It’s a great lifestyle, and we’ve got to work hard (nationwide!) to support it.

That’s why we expect a lot…

  • We have higher standards for our employees
  • Build stronger relationships with our clients
  • Provide outstanding healthcare professionals

From our SoCal office, we work with professionals nationwide looking for per diem, travel, temp-to-hire and permanent assignments. We dig deep to find out what will really make you happy, whether you’re running a facility that needs talented people or a healthcare pro looking for your next gig.

3 Reasons Why Candidates Select 365

  1. Access to Thousands of Clients Across the Nation
  2. Professionalism
  3. Competitive Rates

6 Reasons Why Clients Select 365

  1. Service Excellence
  2. Tailor Made Solutions
  3. Vacation Coverage
  4. Relationship Based Business
  5. 100% JCAHO Compliant and Pre Screened Candidates
  6. Speed and Efficiency in Placements

5 Reasons Why 365 Is The Best

  1. Leaders in Service
  2. 24 Hour Assistance for Both Clients and Candidates
  3. Independently Owned since 2009
  4. Speed and Efficiency in Delivering Results
  5. Understanding of our Client and Candidates Needs

Contact us for surgical tech, sterile processing and registered nursing jobs. None of these your thing? Contact us or call us at 310-436-3650 to tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll find it for you.

Meet Our Team:


Favorite thing about working for 365: It has always been a dream of mine to start my own business. I now have an opportunity to work with top industry professionals who are just as passionate about staffing as I am.

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite trip: Two weeks traveling through Europe.


Favorite thing about working for 365: The intensity and drive of our team and the collaborative process that ensures we deliver results to our clients and jobs to our candidates.

Favorite food: Anything off the brunch menu – omelets, pancakes, mimosas … 🙂

Favorite trip: Spending a week on the sunny beaches of Hawaii with my husband and kids.


Favorite thing about working for 365: It’s a great team environment with friendly and welcoming people.

Favorite food: Breakfast Foods & Mediterranean I can eat all day, every day!

Favorite trip: Relaxing in Maui.


Favorite thing about working for 365: The work environment

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite trip: Key West


Favorite thing about working for 365: I enjoy working with a group of talented and passionate people, and that is 365.

Favorite food: Filipino food, Mexican food, and RICE!!!

Favorite trip: On my wedding day in Pismo Beach.


Favorite thing about working for 365: My favorite thing about 365 would be the team. Everyone is so helpful and nice that I feel comfortable going up to anyone in the team if I have a question.

Favorite food: I am going to change this to foods because I like to eat and so many favorites.

Favorite trip: When I went to the East Coast for the first time, I got to meet new family I didn’t know I had (brother niece’s ), plus I got to visit new places.


Favorite thing about working for 365: My favorite thing about 365 is the amazing co-workers I get to work with. They have a great sense of humor and I feel as though there is great communication between everyone even when we are super busy.

Favorite food: Korean BBQ and a side of kimchi rice!

Favorite trip: The week I spent in Poland going to all the historical sites.


Favorite thing about working for 365: Being able to place certified candidates with a variety of opportunities to gain more experience in there career. Also more importantly to give clients excellent candidates to improve the flow of their company and give top service to all patients who are in need of better health.

Favorite food: Mexican Food ( Tai is a close 2nd)

Favorite trip: Iceland! The most adventurous place I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. ( Milano Italy a VERY close 2nd)