Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Big Career Change

The New Year means new goals; many individuals set big goals at the beginning of the year. It’s a time to reset and, sometimes, change course. Your goals may involve a big career change. A significant career change can be scary. However, career moves are often a great idea for several reasons. They can lead to […]

4 Easy Ways to Spread a Bit of Joy Around the Hospital this Holiday Season

The holidays can bring up complex feelings. Some love the holiday season, but it can be challenging for others. Regardless of how your patients feel about the holidays, it can be particularly stressful if they are in the hospital over the holidays or need a procedure during this season. To help you bring extra cheer to […]

Navigate Working Alongside Big Egos in the Workplace

In healthcare, everyone plays an essential role. Depending on the services offered, healthcare organizations need doctors, nurses, scrub techs, medical assistants, custodial staff, surgical staff, kitchen and food workers, dieticians, and other crucial team members.  While everyone’s roles are important, sometimes you may encounter someone with a big ego or superiority complex. This person may hold […]

3 Tips to Stay as Protected as Possible this Flu Season

As the weather turns cooler, familiar viruses like influenza (aka the flu) begin to make their rounds. While there is no way to fully protect yourself from getting sick, there are several steps you can take to prevent the flu. If you’re looking for ways to protect yourself, your coworkers, and your patients this cold and […]

Is Your Career Plateauing? How to Push Forward

Beginning a new career or job is thrilling. There’s the excitement of the job search, interview phase, and career negotiations. After accepting a new job offer, there’s orientation and meeting your new team.  Eventually, your new role will begin to feel comfortable. For many, this is a good thing. It is absolutely okay to stay […]

4 Hacks to Improve Your Patient-Provider Relationships

One of the foundations of working in healthcare is building relationships with patients. Whether a patient needs to go to a hospital, long-term care facility, or outpatient setting for a procedure, it can induce anxiety. Therapeutic relationships with the healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care can help lessen patient anxiety and may improve outcomes. If […]