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How Healthcare Professionals Should Be Job Searching in 2024

If the New Year means a new job for you, it is crucial to understand the best search tools to find your dream job. Several different job boards exist, and some of them are more regularly updated than others. 

To save you time, here’s a list of several great strategies so you can find your ideal job in 2024 and start applying!

Have a Solid Resume

Before applying to any positions, write a solid resume. Many schools have services that can help you with this if you feel stuck. So it’s worth checking out if your alma mater can help. It’s often a free service that they will still extend to alums.

There are also several free templates you can follow online. It’s vital that your resume is concise, to the point, and follows a chronological pattern. Employers should be able to easily see that your degree, certifications, and experience meet the minimum requirements for a position. However, having outside accomplishments on your resume is also okay to help you stand out. Just be selective so that it doesn’t get long. 

Get on LinkedIn

If you aren’t on LinkedIn yet, you should consider joining. While the idea of another social media platform might not sound appealing, LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for job hunting. While you can generally search for jobs, you can also follow specific companies and people. For example, you can follow an organization and see a list of open positions on LinkedIn. You can also search to see who is in various roles in the organization and follow them. If they post something that resonates with you, you can like and comment on it, much like other social media platforms.

Interaction on LinkedIn allows you to develop relationships and build connections before applying for a job. LinkedIn works by asking to connect. So, if you ask to connect with someone who is the unit manager you’d like to work on and they accept, you can post professional posts that may come across their feed. You can be a part of several tools and professional groups, too.

Go Directly to an Organization’s Website for Postings

If you have your heart set on working with a particular organization, visit their website for job postings. There can be a lag between when employers post a position on their website and when it gets posted on job sites like Indeed. So, sometimes, you can be aware of positions sooner by going directly to the company itself. Additionally, if there’s a specific company or two you’d like to work at, you can set up job notifications that will notify you if a position in your field opens up.


A lot of positions are filled by networking. Ask friends or colleagues to put in a good word for you. Attend conferences or educational events in your field and connect with the various organizations there. Additionally, depending on the organization, you can reach out directly to the human resources (HR) department and sometimes even the management team. Share your experience of why you want to work for the organization and attach a resume. 

Use the Regular Search Engines

Finally, search engine sites like Indeed can help tremendously with a job search. You can filter to see the most recent job postings by location and work type (i.e., part-time or full-time), among several other criteria. So that you aren’t overwhelmed, pick one or two search engines to learn well, and stick mainly with those. 

Key Takeaways

There are several strategic ways to job hunt in 2024. Polish your resume, get on LinkedIn, familiarize yourself with your ideal company’s job pages and network, and use search engines efficiently. If you aren’t sure where you’d like to work or don’t want to settle down in one place, consider contract staffing. Healthcare contract staffing is a great way to learn new skills, live in another town, and network. Contract staffing can also help clarify what you’d like in a job role if you seek a permanent position.

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