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2023 Resume Best Practices for Sterile Techs

Deciding to reach for a new role can feel intimidating! If it has been a while since you applied to a new role, it’s likely that your resume needs a refresh. Here are resume best practices so yours stands out from the crowd!

Keep it Simple

You may be tempted to use or purchase a fancy resume template. However, avoid a resume that looks busy and err on the side of simple. A resume that is too busy or colorful, with pretty images, may distract the person reading it from important information.

The reader should be able to easily see key details, like employment and educational background, without getting distracted. As a sterile technician, it’s important to highlight the required certifications you may need for the role and areas where you have worked. For example, some roles may require a certain number of years of acute care hospital experience.

Stick to simple bullet points or an easy-to-read table that highlights your education, employment history, transferable skills, certifications, and other aspects relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Place Contact Information at the Top

Make it clear to the reader how to contact you. You’re likely applying through an application portal and using your preferred email to do so.

However, on the chance your resume is sent to someone else on the team, they may use the information on your resume to contact you. Stick it at the top so it’s easy to find.

Keep it Short and On Point

Ideally, a resume is one page and at max two pages. If you are applying for a supervisor role or other higher-level position, you may want to consider building a curriculum vitae (CV). These go much more in-depth on past job roles and also include space to highlight other achievements such as articles published or presentations given.

Consider a Cover Letter

A resume is a quick overview of your professional accomplishments. If you’re looking for a professional way to highlight a skillset or two from your resume or go more in-depth on a professional accomplishment, consider a cover letter. It will help you stand out from others applying for the same role.

A good way to format a cover letter is to provide a short intro paragraph highlighting key aspects of your resume, provide a personal story that demonstrates a situation where you used critical thinking skills or went above and beyond, and then highlight how the background from your resume, combined with the situation you highlighted will make you an asset to the team you are applying to join.

A cover letter also takes time to write and is personalized to the company you are applying to. So it’s a great way to show you’re genuinely interested in a role.

Considering a Career Switch?

If you’re dusting off your resume and looking for a new position as a sterile technician, explore the open positions through 365 Healthcare Staffing Services. As a nationwide healthcare staffing company, they have several open positions.

If you are looking for a change of pace, working for a contract company allows you to gain experience in different healthcare settings and systems. You may find you enjoy contract working and choose to do it for the long term, or it may help clarify what you’re looking for if you do decide to sign on with a new employer down the road.

Check out the open positions at 365 Healthcare Staffing Services today and reach out with any questions. The team is excited and happy to help you land your next sterile tech role!