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3 Tips For Standing Out From Other Healthcare Candidates

The application process can seem daunting if you are looking for a new job. Here are three tips to help you stand out and land your dream job.


Keep Training and Certifications Up to Date

If you hold a license or certification, chances are that you need to renew it every so often. Know when it is time to renew, so you can be prepared for any fees and keep your credentials current.

Additionally, many licenses and certifications require continuing education credits for renewal. Make sure you understand your particular credential’s specifics so you can work towards these well before any re-certification is due. If a credential lapses, you may have to pay a late fee or scramble to find continuing education credits. Worst case, you could lose your license or certification altogether.


Prepare for Your Interview

Candidates expect to be interviewed and asked questions. It is all part of the interview process. However, when the interviewer asks if you have any questions for the team, it is essential to come prepared.

Having questions prepared about the company and the role demonstrates you are engaged and genuinely interested in the position. It also allows you to find out information about the position not available in the job description or discussed by those interviewing you.


Reach Out to Potential References Ahead of Time

If a company is interested in considering you as a finalist for the position, the next step after an interview is usually a reference check. Reach out to possible references ahead of time and ask if they are willing to be listed as a reference.

You want to ensure you reach out to references who have held supervisory or leadership roles in your career. If you are new to healthcare, a previous instructor from your program is a good option to list, along with a supervisor of a prior role (even if it wasn’t in healthcare). Avoid friends and family, and stick with people who can attest to your work.

If an interview went well and you’ve been told they plan to check references, it is common courtesy to reach out to those on your reference list. This way, your references can be sure to check their email or call history and provide the potential employer with any required information. It also allows you to explain to your references what you like most about the job, so you and your reference can be on the same page.



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