Sick of the Typical 9-5? Breaking Down Alternative Shift Options

The 9-5 grind can be challenging and doesn’t meet everyone’s needs. For example, maybe you’re a morning person who loves to be up at dawn. Or you may be a night owl who loves to stay up late and is at their best at 11 PM. You may have kids and a partner who works […]

Career Advice for Up and Coming Scrub Techs

There are several career opportunities in the operating room since it takes a team approach for procedures to run smoothly. Several professions, from nurses to surgeons, scrub techs, and sterile techs, are all needed. Scrub techs are a vital part of the surgical team and are responsible for several crucial functions in the operating room. […]

Curious About a Career in Surgery? Consider These Options

Medical dramas can make working in the operating room, or OR, appear exciting. And sometimes it is! Other times, work in the OR involves routine surgeries and procedures. Surgeons are often thought of first regarding careers in the OR. However, several other jobs in the OR exist. Here we break down a few of those […]

A Lesson for all Medical Professionals: The Importance of BLS/CPR Training

If you are a medical professional, you are probably basic life support (BLS) certified. BLS certification is typically a requirement for healthcare staff. While BLS is necessary, learning the material and then taking the test to pass can feel nerve-wracking. Here we break down the importance of BLS training, what BLS training entails, and some […]

4 Networking Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Business Insider explains that who you know is a statistically significant factor when you’re hoping for a job offer. If a current employee refers you to their company, your odds of getting a job offer are 2.6%-6.6% higher than if you applied entirely on your own. With this statistic in mind, networking is incredibly important […]

Can I & Should I Return to a Former Job?

There are several reasons you may choose to leave a job. And if your life circumstances change, or conditions at the position you left change, you may consider returning to a former job. In fact, according to a study described in Forbes, nearly 2/3 of people who have left a job have considered returning. So, […]