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4 Workplace Green Flags to Watch Out For

There’s a lot to consider when searching for a new position! Determining if you can see yourself happy in a role is important. Most individuals are familiar with searching for red flags during the job interview process, but what about green flags?

For example, it is important to explore red flags such as whether the unit is chronically understaffed, if there’s high turnover, lots of mandated shifts, denial of paid time off, or other factors that can make a workplace challenging. However, green flags are equally important. So here are four workplace green flags to watch out for.

Positive Workplace Reviews

Job search sites such as Indeed allow employees to leave reviews about their workplaces. So, scoping out major job-hunting sites to see what employees say about their workplace can provide information. Google reviews can also provide insights into what employees think about a workplace.

Another place to look is social media. For example, most healthcare companies have one, if not several, social media pages. Employees will often engage with posts, and you can sometimes get a general vibe or feel for a place based on their social media pages.

If comments all around are generally positive, then it is likely a green flag to move forward with a job. However, keep in mind that reviews can be polarizing, and individuals may either really love working at a place or feel strongly against a workplace if they take the time to make a post.

So, if you see negative comments, frame questions to address your concerns in an interview. If you see positive comments, consider acknowledging them during an interview and ask for additional information. 

For example, maybe you see a comment about a clinical ladder that allows for pay increases as you move up the ladder. In an interview, you could mention that you’ve heard the facility offers pay incentives based on a clinical ladder and could they share more information about how the program works. 

Conversely, if you see negative comments, such as poor staffing, address the issue tactfully. It could be just one unit and not the entire facility. You could ask about any staffing ratios they hold themselves to, how often units are understaffed, and how leadership supports units on days with poor staffing.

They Offer Job Shadowing

If a workplace allows you to shadow a unit, that is also a green flag. Offering you to see a workplace, engage with the employees and staff, and ask your potential future colleagues questions about their workplace demonstrates trust. 

There are valid reasons why a workplace may not allow job shadowing. However, if a job shadow is not an option, a good alternative is asking if you can talk with current employees. 

An open and transparent workplace that allows you to meet new coworkers is a great way to get a real feel for the workplace environment. If a workplace encourages you to engage with current employees, it is likely a positive workplace with employees they trust to speak positively.

Low Turnover

There are many reasons individuals might leave a place of work. People move, have families, and decide to advance in their job roles, among other reasons for moving on in a role. However, if the most senior employees on a unit have only been there for a few years, that can be a red flag. 

In contrast, if there are several employees who have been there a number of years, that is often a green flag. If employees are engaged in a role and feel valued in a workplace, many employees will stay if given the opportunity. 

Opportunities for Advancement

If you’re looking to advance your career, earn additional certifications, or take on leadership opportunities, it is important to understand what opportunities for advancement exist in the workplace. If advancing your career is important, make sure to ask about career advancement opportunities during the interview process.

Opportunities for advancement are also a great question for staff during a job shadow opportunity. Staff can share if leadership genuinely supports additional training, furthering their education, or pursuing certifications. If opportunities for advancement exist in the workplace and are supported, this is definitely a green flag.

Key Takeaways

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