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Relocating for a Contract Position? Three Things to Keep in Mind

One of the many reasons healthcare workers pursue a contract staffing position is the ability to relocate and experience somewhere new. A contract position may pay a higher wage and help with relocation expenses, and there may be tax incentives, too, depending on the specifics of your situation. 

While there are several perks to pursuing a contract position as a healthcare worker, keeping a few key things in mind is important. If you are relocating for a contract position, here are three things to consider as you make the leap. 

Cost of Living

If you are relocating for a contract role, evaluating the cost of living where you are moving to and comparing it to the cost of living where you currently live is essential. For example, if you are relocating from the Midwest to California, there will likely be a significant jump in your living expenses.  

Two factors play into evaluating the difference. First, consider the hourly wage in your contract. It will likely be higher than your usual hourly rate as a healthcare contract worker. Next, evaluate the pay you are offered against the pay for a similar role in the area in which you will be working. Most contract positions are paid out at a higher-than-average rate for the area. 

Next, you’ll want to inquire about any covered housing costs or housing stipends. If your company offers housing or a stipend, ensure you understand how it may impact your taxes at the end of the year — i.e., whether it is taxable income. 


Many contract healthcare companies have moved to offer their contracted employees several benefits similar in scope to regular employee benefits. 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, for example, offers several employee benefits

Benefits such as health care, 401Ks, and paid time off are all examples of the several benefits offered through 365 Healthcare Staffing Services. 

Your Comfort Zone

Many individuals choose contract healthcare staffing for the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone. Contract staffing is a great way to broaden your skill set and network and see another part of the country or state. 

While there are several positives to contract staffing, it is important to evaluate and understand ahead of time where your limits are. Contract healthcare staffing offers several opportunities for personal growth. Understanding your personal limits and what you hope to gain from your experience helps set your work experience up for success.

Key Takeaways

There are several reasons to pursue contract healthcare staffing. Higher pay, the ability to travel and see another city, gain new experiences, and have a fresh start are all reasons healthcare workers pursue contract work.

However, before relocating for a healthcare contract position, it is important to understand differences in the cost of living, what benefits are offered to you as a contract worker, and your personal limitations.

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