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Five Reasons Why the Graveyard Shift Is Actually the Best

Hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare organizations are open 365/24/7. While many look down on working the graveyard shift, there are several perks to being a nightshifter. If you’re considering a graveyard shift role, here are five reasons why the graveyard shift is actually the best!

Fewer People Around

When you work overnight, there will inevitably be fewer people around. For many, this is a big positive! Most managers work a standard 9-5 shift. There might be some slight variation, but they’re generally day shifters. This means you might see them when you start your shift or at the end when you’re heading home. But if you’re not working a standard 9-5, they likely aren’t around your entire shift. 

Additionally, most facilities have visiting hours for family and friends. This means that when you work nights, you’re far less likely to have to work with a patient’s family. Instead, you can dedicate more time and attention to your patients and their needs.

Higher Pay

Pay will vary by institution. However, generally, graveyard workers earn more. The higher pay is typically in the form of a shift differential. In some places, this might be a set dollar amount. At other facilities, a percentage of your pay might be added to your hourly rate. 

Team Camaraderie

The team camaraderie for night shifters is second to none! The prescribing healthcare providers are often asleep in an on-call room or available via phone. Night shift staff often have more autonomy than day shift because there aren’t as many healthcare providers around. 

However, navigating stressful situations without immediate health from a provider often means that you and your team must act quickly. There are also typically fewer staff working on nights, so sticking together and functioning as a team is essential.

Less Traffic

Depending on shift start and end times, you likely won’t be commuting at the peak of rush hour traffic if you work the night shift. This can shorten your commute and allow you more time at home between shifts. Many find this improves their work-life balance.

Easier Appointment and Shopping Times

Working the graveyard shift can also make it easier to get shopping done or appointments scheduled. There are typically fewer people at the grocery store first thing in the morning when you’re getting off of work. And there is often less competition for daytime appointments if you’re trying to get in with your own healthcare provider, get a haircut, or other appointment type.


Working a graveyard shift can feel exhausting at first. Some never get over the sleep disruption. However, others find the night shift preferable over the day shift — and for good reason!

If you’re considering working the night shift and are looking for a new position, contact 365 Healthcare Staffing Services. They have contract positions and shifts available across the country. They would love to help you find the right role with the right work hours for you. 

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