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Working Over the Holidays? How To Make the Most of It

Working in healthcare often means working holidays. While working holidays can be challenging, there are ways to make the best of it. Here are a few tried and true ways to bring extra cheer to those holiday shifts.

Make it Festive

Understand which decorations are allowed and not allowed where you work. For example, some hospital units may not allow a live plant, like a poinsettia.

However, once you understand what you can and can’t do, start creating fun decorations. For example, maybe you can blow up some hospital gloves and tape them on a wall in the shape of a Christmas Tree or use a stand to make a mini glove tree.

Other decorations that may be allowed include a strand of lights, such as mini-jack-o-lantern lights, cut-out snowflakes, or fake mini pumpkins. Ensure that whichever holiday or season you’re decorating for, you’re inclusive of multiple traditions.

Bring on the Potluck

Good food always makes for a better time. Consider putting together a sign-up sheet for a holiday potluck to add festivity to the day.

Don’t feel like actually preparing something and bringing it in? Consider seeing if your co-workers are interested in having food delivered and splitting the tab. Even better, maybe management would be willing to have something catered.

Dress Up

There’s nothing like a good old ugly sweater contest or work-appropriate costume dress-up day to bring fun to a unit. But first, gauge the interest of your co-workers. If they’re interested in a special dress-up day, coordinate with management to pull something together.

You could even turn it into a lighthearted contest and put together some fun prizes!

The Sky’s the Limit

These are simply three possibilities for making the most of working the holidays. Countless other ideas exist to make working the day an enjoyable shift. Think back to holidays you have worked in the past and think about what you enjoyed about them. Maybe there’s something you can implement this year?


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