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Questions To Bring Into Your Next Healthcare Interview

Are you making a career move and have an interview lined up? Congratulations! Changing jobs is an exciting step. While you can expect to be asked various questions, it is important to come prepared with your own questions. It shows engagement and interest in the role. Here are a few questions to help get you started.

Who Do You Think Would Be the Ideal Candidate for This Position?

Let’s face it. Sometimes job descriptions can be vague. There may be a few required qualifications and a long list of preferred qualifications. It can be hard to tease apart which parts of the job description and role the company views as the most important. This question allows you to get a feel for where you line up in the competition and how your qualifications match the company’s ideal candidate.

If you’re unclear where you stack up, you can always follow this question up by asking how your qualifications align with the ideal candidate. Even if you don’t land the specific job you’re interviewing for, if it’s one you’re genuinely interested in, these questions will give you an idea of the next steps you can take to be a more competitive applicant.

How Would You Describe the Company’s Culture?

A company may look good on its website and discuss its culture in the job description. However, it is essential to ask about the company culture firsthand from the people who work there. Working in an environment that is respectful and professional is important. Unpleasant work environments can have negative impacts on mental health.

While many interviews are just with management, sometimes there are opportunities to shadow the area you may be working. If you have this opportunity, asking potential coworkers how they feel about the company culture can provide valuable insights into whether or not the job is a good fit.

When Your Staff Comes to You With Conflicts, How Do You Respond?

Any workplace will have its challenges. Teamwork and a positive attitude tend to thrive when things are going well. However, asking this question allows you to understand processes when things don’t go well. Do leadership and management listen to staff concerns? Do they work to enact change where they can? These are important questions around conflict and go hand-in-hand with company culture. Challenges and conflicts can be a place for growth, and a positive workplace culture that values its employees will work to ensure its employees feel heard and respected.


Next Steps

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