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5 Qualities of the Best Healthcare Professionals

If you enjoy helping others or being part of a team, healthcare may be the place for you. Here are five qualities the best healthcare professionals have. If these qualities describe you, consider one of these healthcare careers on the rise to learn how to get started on your next career move today!


There are a lot of moving parts in healthcare. Health e Careers, a career site for healthcare professionals, explains the importance of patient communication. Communication skills are vital for both speaking and listening. It’s essential to both actively listen to patients and communicate information clearly to them.

Aside from patients, working in healthcare means being part of a team. Therefore, it is essential to not only be able to communicate well with patients but to communicate clearly with everyone involved in the patient’s care team, from the dietary team, patient family members and friends, and direct care providers.


Working in healthcare means seeing people in one of their most vulnerable states. Compassion is critical here. It is essential to strive to empathize with a patient’s feelings and take available actions to alleviate their suffering. Compassion is fundamental to caring and an important quality of anyone working in healthcare.


Working in healthcare means respecting views and values that may not align with your own. For example, patients may speak a different language or hold cultural beliefs that impact their care decisions. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published a report in 2019 about the importance various ethnic groups felt regarding having a healthcare practitioner who shared or understood their culture. Therefore, even if you disagree with all your patients’ decisions, it is crucial to work to understand their background and what influences those decisions.

Team Player

No one works in a silo in healthcare. Whether you are a surgical technologist, registered nurse, doctor, sterile technician, or any other role, they all intersect. Therefore, it is important to be respectful of your fellow team members and communicate clearly, both if someone is doing a great job and if there are issues.

Work Under Pressure

As exciting as working in healthcare can be, it can also be stressful. Hospitals are open 365 days a year, seven days a week. People experience healthcare challenges or accidents and need to access immediate care at all hours. A day in the life of a surgical technologist, for example, may include being on call and ready to respond to an urgent trauma surgery that comes into the hospital.


Consider a Healthcare Career

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