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Career Spotlight: Surgical Techs

Surgical techs are vital members of surgical teams and fill a unique role in operating rooms. They typically work in a hospital environment and have many essential roles.

Working as a surgical tech can provide unique career pathways too. For example, once you are an experienced surgical tech, there are opportunities for contract staffing positions nationwide if a new work environment or adventure is what you’re looking for.

What They Do

Surgical techs are integral to surgical teams for many reasons. Job roles of surgical techs may include:

  • Getting operating rooms ready for procedures
  • Ensuring sterilized equipment is ready for the surgeon
  • Helping prep patients for surgery, such as by cleaning an incision site
  • Transporting patients to surgery
  • Passing tools to surgeons during surgery
  • Counting off supplies to ensure all equipment is accounted for
  • Safeguarding the sterile field

These roles are important because they help promote patient safety, decrease surgical infection risk, and assist in successful operations.

Important Traits

A surgical tech can be an exciting job. If you think this may be a job for you, here are a few common traits  necessary for the role:

  • Enjoy science – Working as a surgical tech means working in healthcare. Since part of the job involves maintaining a sterile field to promote patient safety and helping prep patients for surgery, it is essential to understand why these roles are crucial.
  • Detail Oriented – This is an essential trait of all surgical techs. Surgical techs must pay close attention to sterilizing equipment, performing equipment counts, and preparing patients for surgery. They also anticipate what a surgeon needs before they ask for it. Attention to detail keeps patients safe and keeps procedures moving forward.
  • Have Stamina – Some procedures can last for hours and the tasks can seem monotonous, but each surgical tech’s role is vital to ensure patient safety and successful procedures. Keeping the perspective on the importance of the work can help prevent tasks from feeling mundane.


How to Become a Surgical Tech

Working as a surgical tech can be a fulfilling career. You play an essential role in procedures and surgeries and are integral to the healthcare team.

To become a surgical tech, you need to:

Consider A Contract Job as a Next Step


Once you have a couple of years of experience as a surgical tech, a travel surgical tech assignment can be a fun experience to try.

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