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Is Working the Night Shift Right for Me?

Working in a hospital means working for a place open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Patients need care around the clock and need great healthcare professionals to meet their needs.   

If you are working in healthcare, you likely have the opportunity to work night shifts. While many think the day shift is what they prefer, there are many perks to consider when working nights.  

Higher Pay 

If you are looking to save or make a little extra, the night shift might be the right place for you! Working the night shift comes with higher pay. Since most people want to work during the day, hospitals pay staff who work overnight more to make these shifts more attractive. The higher pay usually comes in the form of hourly differentials, or more pay per hour. And if you’re working a weekend shift, you’ll likely get a weekend differential tacked on top too.  

Less Management 

If having your boss rounding the corner to check in on your work frustrates you or throws you off for your shift, you might enjoy the night shift. Management typically works a 9-5 schedule. This means you may run into them at the start of your shift or at the end. This can be great to touch base and go over anything that needs to be addressed. However, it means they will not be around your entire shift.  


There is nothing like the teamwork you develop on the night shift. There is typically fewer staff around on nights and you develop a strong sense of camaraderie with your coworkers. Plus, they understand the challenges that come with working nights. There’s nothing better than grabbing breakfast with your coworkers after a long shift. 

Shopping and Errands 

Need to run to the store for something quickly or do your weekly grocery shopping? Most people frequent the stores in the late afternoon, evenings, or weekends. The chances are good that if you need to run an errand, you’ll face fewer lines and crowds. 

No Need to Take Time Off for Appointments 

Your day shift counterparts likely need to take time off to visit their healthcare provider. Not you if you’re working the night shift! If you need to schedule a visit with a provider, you can likely get an appointment first thing after work, or later in the afternoon after you’ve had some rest.  


Consider Contract Staffing if You’re Looking for a Change 


While working the night shift can be an adjustment, there are many perks to working this shift. As an added bonus, night shift workers are often in high demand at contract staffing agencies if you are considering a travel assignment. Nationwide staffing companies like 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, can help you find a great role. Check out their open positions today!