Afraid of Working with Patients but Want to Make a Difference? Why a Sterile Tech Career Could Be the Right Option!



What if a person would like to work in healthcare but would prefer to avoid working with patients? Is it possible to find a healthcare job like that? It is – and a career as a sterile tech could be the perfect option for someone in that situation. Basics of the job Every day, healthcare… Read more »

Healthcare Job Growth Remains Strong in 2017



Everyone loves good news, and here’s some for people seeking a job in healthcare: job growth remains strong in 2017. This is important for the healthcare sector as a whole, as well as for people who are seeking jobs. Looking for a job in healthcare? Searching for a job can be tough, but it may… Read more »

Is Bad Body Language Costing You the Surgical Tech Job? Four Ways to Fix It Now



Interview after interview for a surgical tech job or other healthcare position – and no offers. That situation can be very frustrating, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. One of the most common causes for this situation can be body language. Even when the candidate says all the right things, bad body… Read more »

What Is the Right Personality for a Sterile Tech and a Surgical Tech?


What does a sterile processing technician do? What does a surgical technologist do? Are the two jobs the same? These are common questions, especially for people who are considering a career in the medical field. What are the similarities, what are the differences – and what kind of personality is suited to each job? Similarities… Read more »

Are You Proficient with Tablets in the Operating Room?


Today’s operating rooms are very different from those of the past. Technology has introduced a variety of changes, including in sterilization methods, surgical techniques, and anesthesia. It has brought another change, as well: Tablets have, in many cases, replaced pen and paper. Benefits of Tablets in the Operating Room When patients are wheeled into the… Read more »

Five Important Features of a Sterile Tech Resume


Securing a job as a central sterile processing technician (CSPT) or certified registered central service technician (CRCST) hinges on a strong sterile processing tech resume. The applicant needs to show integrity and excellence on the career path. Here are five tips sterile techs can use to win over their potential healthcare employers. #1: Compelling Sterile… Read more »

Sterile Processing Techs Will Always Be in Demand, and for Obvious Reasons!


Sterile Techs are trending in healthcare the same way safe surgeries are! Of course, sterile processing and distribution technicians (SPD techs or CPD techs) are in demand and always will be. They perform some of the most critical safety tasks that exist in the healthcare sector, preventing infection and the spread of illnesses by working… Read more »