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Healthcare Job Growth Remains Strong in 2017

Everyone loves good news, and here’s some for people seeking a job in healthcare: job growth remains strong in 2017. This is important for the healthcare sector as a whole, as well as for people who are seeking jobs.

Looking for a job in healthcare?

Searching for a job can be tough, but it may be easier in healthcare than in many other sectors. As of the spring, there were nearly five job openings for every clinician and healthcare technologist searching for a job. This is especially noteworthy given the fact that job growth in 2015 set a record, and that record was broken in 2016.

There are many different types of healthcare careers, so it can be helpful to add some perspective. Let’s consider registered nurses: for 2017, there are 439,300 projected jobs. The median salary is $67,490, and the unemployment rate is 1.5 percent. For surgical technologists, it is expected that there will be 14,700 job openings, with a median salary of $44,330. The unemployment rate for this field is 1.4 percent.

Here’s another type of perspective: during the first four months of 2017, the United States economy added 738,000 jobs. 77,800 of those jobs were in healthcare; in other words, healthcare jobs accounted for more than 10 percent of new jobs added during that time. This is heartening news for people who are interested in changing jobs in the field, preparing to enter the field, or considering a career in healthcare.

Where are the jobs?

Many of the new jobs are in hospitals: they created 19,900 of the new jobs during that period at the beginning of 2017. However, most of the new jobs are in ambulatory services: this section of the healthcare sector continued to be the main driver of healthcare jobs, with 52,600 created during the first four months of 2017.

Beyond 2017

How does the healthcare job market look beyond this year? Hundreds of thousands of new healthcare jobs dominate the list of 25 occupations with the biggest expected employment growth through 2024. This is positive news for people who are already working in healthcare, but it’s also good news for people who are considering careers in the field. It indicates that the job market will be robust when they are ready to enter it.

That’s not the only indicator of a healthy job market going forward. The aging population means increasing numbers of people in older age groups, who are living longer and have increasing healthcare needs. This, of course, means that more healthcare workers will be needed to provide care. In addition, most healthcare patients require in-person service much of the time, which means that jobs are harder to export.

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