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Four Tips to Improve Your Surgical Tech Resume

Once you create a resume, you can just forget about it, right? Wrong. A resume should be updated, improved, and tweaked to keep it current and professional. Here are four tips to help improve your surgical tech resume.

Keep it organized

It’s always important to keep a resume organized, but it’s especially critical if you’ve had many different assignments and gained a lot of experience. This is true for many surgical techs. The resume should be easy to follow, with one-inch margins; the space around the edges makes it more visually appealing and easier to read. It should contain short, easy-to-read sentences, and you should make sure that headings are clear; bolding them or capitalizing them can be helpful there.

Sometimes you have to make choices when deciding the best way to organize your resume. Will you use bullets or write paragraphs? Bulleted information is more readable and tends to stand out more than the same information contained in a paragraph. But bulleted information also takes up more room. Your best bet is to combine the two. For example, if you are outlining a specific job, you could do a brief introductory paragraph and bullet specific duties.

Highlight core qualifications

Your resume is your chance to show employers why you might be a good fit for a particular position, so make sure you give it your very best shot. Focus on your surgical tech experience, list any special skills, and highlight any job duties or titles that go above and beyond the typical duties of a surgical tech.

In addition, make sure you note experience with relevant technology, including fiber optics, laser, and robotics. Also, include any areas of specialization, as well as any additional experience, such as managing a central supply department, working with insurance companies, or consulting to surgical equipment firms.

Include certifications and memberships

Certifications show that you’ve achieved something beyond completing your academic program, so it’s important to include them. Also, highlight additional health care credentials, such as certification in CPR or training as an emergency medical technician.

Also, it’s important to note that some states require specific credentials or certifications in order to work as a surgical technologist. If you have a particular certification, include it, even if the state in which you are applying to work doesn’t require it.

Include relevant personal qualities

The qualities and attributes that make you a great surgical technologist are known as soft skills. They’re tough to quantify, but they’re important. A character profile can help: it’s where you can note that you have qualities like strong critical thinking skills and reasoning ability and remain calm under pressure.

If you’re not sure what to include, research the personal attributes of surgical technicians and compare how those attributes fit your personality. Also, be prepared to talk about your soft skills in an interview, because a resume doesn’t tell the whole story.

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