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5 Interview Tips If You Want To Work In Healthcare

5 interview tips use

Healthcare professionals score the jobs they want by showing potential employers that they are competent, reliable and approach the responsibilities in their healthcare careers with preparedness and confidence. When you align talents with an experienced staffing agency, your recruiter helps ensure that you follow these suggestions to the letter.

Interview Tip #1: Learn everything you can about the healthcare employer: You leave a better impression with your interviewer when you show him or her that you “did your homework” on their healthcare facility. Find out which awards, distinctions or groundbreaking technologies that the facility is known for; for example, does the hospital perform laparoscopic surgeries? What are the nurse to patient ratios and method of patient documentation? Check U.S. News & Health Report’s best hospitals list to see if your future healthcare employer is mentioned there.

Interview Tip #2: Memorize your skills checklist/curriculum vitae backwards and forwards: This is a chance for healthcare professionals to shine in the areas of competence and reliability. Be prepared to answer any and all questions about your qualifications and specialties, as well as garner your references’ consent to be contacted by the interviewer. Providing important details, such as why you chose to specialize in a certain area, and why you think it makes you a better healthcare professional is always a smart idea.

Interview Tip #3: Show the healthcare employer that you are a team player: Flexibility with dates, times and shifts, as well as being forthcoming about any time you will need off, proves you are a team player. Make it clear that you are prepared to compensate for absences by lining up coverage during your time off; this is often accomplished by offering to work extra shifts or by taking someone else’s shift.

Interview Tip #4: Plan your questions in advance and make sure you ask all of them: Formulate your questions well in advance by writing them down and checking them off as you go. You’ll want to know about available shifts, hospital policies, what to expect at the job orientation and the name and number of your future supervisor(s).

Interview Tip #5: Smile and stand tall during your job interview: Your healthcare recruiter recommends that you retreat to a quiet and well organized space during your phone interview. If possible, stand, don’t sit, while you speak with the interviewer; this posture helps you think faster on your feet. Smile even if the person on the other end of the line cannot see you; your positive attitude comes right through.

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