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What Technology Are Nurses Using Daily?

What Technology Are Nurses Using Daily

Technological innovations can change lives in many ways. Skype allows people in distant locations to see each other while they have a virtual meeting or catch up on family events. Smartphones make it possible to catch every call, look things up online, play games, and much more. In these cases, technology is a luxury that makes life easier or better.

In healthcare, technology can help save lives. It can also help people to live longer, and it can enable nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to provide them with the very best care possible. As an article from Villanova University notes, “In addition to improved accuracy, efficiency, and safety, technology also allows nurses to spend more time on direct patient care.”

Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records are widely considered to be one of the most useful technological advances in healthcare. notes that these records “provide instant access to a patient’s medical history, improve communication between caregivers, and offer flags and alerts to prevent conflicts over prescriptions and tests.”

Google Glass

Like electronic health records, Google Glass helps nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers offer the best care available. The Washington Post explains how providers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston are putting this technological innovation to work. “Beth Israel’s emergency department has been using Google Glass so that they can examine patients while using voice control to scroll through relevant medical records.”

Vein Finders

For people with hard-to-find veins, going for bloodwork can produce anxiety about repeated needle sticks. A Discover Nursing article explains, “Now, new technology and portable vein viewers are making veins more visible, saving a lot of pain and problems for both patients and nurses.” This news will be well received, especially considering the fact that there are “2.7 million venipuncture procedures … performed in the U.S. every day.”

Tip of the Technological Iceberg

These are just a few of examples of recent technological innovations in healthcare. Other examples include new technology that enables nurses to move patients in non-manual ways. This is safer for nurses and patients, so it’s a win-win situation. Another type of new technology changes the way drugs are retrieved and dispensed. It makes use of “several technologies, including bar codes and automated dispensing machines, to ensure patients receive the correct medications and dosages.”

In healthcare, technology can help nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers save lives. At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we applaud the innovators who develop that technology. We take pride in our role in saving lives. We place healthcare professionals in settings where they can use the technology in providing patient care. We’d like to work with you, so give us a call at 310.436.3650.