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What Do Managers Want from Their Nurses?

What Do Managers Want From Their NursesWouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what nurse managers and other bosses want from their nurses? Although it’s impossible to have insight into what every manager thinks, there are some common threads.

Information like this can be helpful for recent graduates or veteran nurses who are looking for jobs. It can also be helpful for nurses who want to achieve excellence in nursing, as well as for those who want to advance professionally.


Many hiring managers value a solid educational foundation. Healthcare Finance News explored the difference that two years of education can make. Although “nursing students who receive a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and those students who receive an associate degree in nursing (ADN) are both fulfilling the educational requirements to become registered nurses (RNs),” there is a two-year gap in the amount of education they receive.

A student can learn a lot during those last two years. As a result, “a BSN may offer nurses a greater opportunity for career advancement, and more often than ever before, hospitals are looking for potential nurse candidates with higher degrees.”


What’s The No. 1 key to success as a nurse? Sean Dent, exploring this question for Scrubs Magazine, declared, “Being honest is the key to success in this profession.” What exactly does that mean? In his article, Dent advised honesty with the following:

  • Patients – “It’s okay to be human” because “it’s nurses’ genuine nature that keeps patients voting us the most trusted profession every year.”
  • Colleagues – Honesty is an important part of working together. Dent says, “Don’t be a pushover,” and he recommends being genuine.
  • Managers – This one is similar to being honest with colleagues. In Dent’s words, “Take care of those who will take care of you.”
  • Physician Partners – Tempted to oversell skills or knowledge? Don’t do it. Physician partners “will respect your honesty more than any lie you can tell.”
  • Yourself – Sometimes work can seem overwhelming. Dent says, “Don’t let anyone convince you that your situation is not in your control.”

Tech savvy

Nurses don’t have to be acquainted and comfortable with every type of technology, but they need to be open to learning. In other words, they have to “become agile with technology.” A nurse might use a tablet or laptop to take a patient’s history, compare new information with something in the patient’s electronic health record, and check hospital inventory using an electronic tracking system. “Technology in healthcare, and in general, is growing at an incredibly fast pace,” and nurses have to be willing to learn new technology as it is implemented in their workplaces. Otherwise, “you will find it difficult to grow in your nursing career.”

What makes a great nurse?

Clearly, education, honesty, and being tech savvy are not the only qualities that managers want from nurses. It’s also important for nurses to have strong technical abilities and good people skills. If this sounds like you, give us a call at 310.436.3650 today. We’re 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, and we would love to help you find the perfect job.