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What Needs to be in a Cover Letter for a Healthcare Job?

Cover letter. The words alone make some people break out in a cold sweat, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What’s the best way to convince a hiring manager that the applicant is the best person for the job? There are a few key strategies that may help.

Keep it brief

When writing a cover letter, the temptation can be great to include every accomplishment. The more, the better, right? Wrong. In’s Healthcare Cover Letter Dos and Don’ts, Kathy Campbell, employment and employee relations manager at Holy Spirit Health System in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, advises, “The best cover letters are direct and concise.” In addition, she advises against including “a lot of unnecessary personal information.”

When writers stay focused, it’s easier to stick with a shorter cover letter, as recommended in another Healthcare Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts. “You most definitely want to list your professional successes. However, going into great detail causes the interviewer’s eyes to glaze over. Most employers prefer to see a cover letter that reads no more than two paragraphs long.”

What should be covered?

It’s easy to talk about what shouldn’t be in a cover letter, but it’s important to cover what needs to be in there. JobSearchJimmy recommends including “the essential elements that will capture a hiring manager’s attention and motivate him or her to call you for an interview.” With a Health Care Cover Letter Sample, he breaks those essential elements down into three components:

  1. Your work experience related to the job
  2. Your passion for taking care of patients
  3. Your commitment to the mission of the organization

Emory University’s Dual Career Network assists spouses and partners of newly hired faculty and staff members find jobs in the community. As a result, the Dual Career Network advises people in a wide variety of fields about how to land a dream job.

In Cover Letter Suggestions, the Dual Career Network advises against going “overboard with details,” but says don’t forget “to tell them why you’re the best fit.”

Successful cover letters don’t come across as form letters. Looking at the job requirements and showing how your experience meets those needs helps the recruiter see how you are a great fit for the open position. A good cover letter sells the candidate and makes the recruiters want to read the resume.

Show team spirit

It’s important to focus on what makes an applicant a good fit for a position, but it’s also important to remember that teamwork is an important part of every healthcare position. Explaining how you have been part of a team or served in a leadership position. In this way, you don’t just show your favorite or best qualities but back them up with actual facts.

We can help

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