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5 Ways to Make Yourself an Appealing Travel Nursing Candidate


Travel nursing isn’t for everyone. For a nurse who prefers the comforts of home, working with familiar faces, and maintaining a routine, travel nursing wouldn’t be the best option. However, for a nurse who is interested in adventure, challenges, meeting new people, and exploring, travel nursing may be just perfect.

All nurses should possess certain qualities, including competence, the ability to handle pressure, and a sense of teamwork. Given the nature of travel nursing, nurses who choose this niche within the profession should focus on a few other things, as well.

1. Be Flexible

It’s important for all nurses to be flexible, but it’s especially important for travel nurses. During the course of an assignment, a travel nurse will meet temporary colleagues and face new challenges. The bottom line: be nimble and think fast and make FLEXIBLE your middle name.

2. Become Familiar with Electronic Medical Records

Although different assignments may present different systems for electronic medical records (EMR), a travel nurse who is skilled with this type of technology will find it easier to adapt to each new version. This skill may even lead to a new role: Familiarity with multiple systems is a differentiator for you as a clinician, especially if you are able to assist the facility with the shoulder training of their staff members.

3. Be Fearless

A travel nurse travels to a new assignment, gets settled into a new community, becomes acquainted with new temporary colleagues, and dives into work. This may appeal to people who consider themselves fearless. Of course, nobody is really fearless, but some are more fearful than others. It takes courage to venture into the unknown, adapt to new situations, and face challenges without instructions.

4. Work on Being a Great Communicator

When people have been working together for a while, they may begin to communicate without words. A gesture may tell one nurse that another nurse needs help. A glance may be enough for one nurse to let another know that a patient has gotten worse. For travel nurses, new assignments mean new co-workers, so there’s no past history to rely on. This makes it especially key for you to be able to express yourself (and also listen to others) in a way that makes for constructive communication.

5. One Word: Professional

It’s important for all nurses to be professional, of course, but travel nurses may find that they face situations where professionalism is the word of the day. For example, what if the staff at a new assignment is not exactly welcoming? Show appreciation and support to your new co-workers by being friendly and outgoing. Be professional, and know your time is limited to 13 weeks.

Is travel nursing for you?

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