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Search for a New Job While Still Employed


Searching for a new job can be challenging. Finding the right jobs to apply for can be tough and tedious. Interviews are stressful. Getting passed over for a dream job is heartbreaking. Searching for a new job while still employed adds a whole new set of challenges to the entire process. Fortunately, there are some tips to help job seekers meet those challenges.

Be civil

During an interview, a job seeker may fall into the trap of complaining about colleagues, the boss, the pay, or some other aspect of their job. It’s always better to remain civil. This isn’t the time or place to air grievances. …badmouthing your supervisor demonstrates a lack of professionalism, and will probably only hurt your chances of getting the new job.

Focus, focus, focus

Many job seekers check out of the current position long before their last day on the job. They lose interest and do the bare minimum. This can be very problematic: It may lead to a bad review or cause the individual to be fired. Although the job seeker wants to move on, getting fired isn’t a great first step.

Instead, “Continue to excel in your current position and diligently complete your work on time.” In addition, even though new responsibilities may be the last thing on the job seeker’s mind, taking them on may be the best course of action: “…take on additional assignments, like mentoring a new co-worker, to prove that even in the midst of your departure, you’ve remained fully committed to the company.”


Sometimes, job seekers feel compelled to tell colleagues that they are looking for work. Unfortunately, that can cause a whole new set of problems for everyone. The job seeker has the most to lose, especially if a co-worker decides to spread the word. Co-workers can be put in awkward positions, too, especially if the employer finds out they knew of the job search.

Social media sites are a popular way to keep in touch. However, for an employed job seeker, social media can be an enemy. It’s important to avoid status updates, tweets, or any other mention of a job search. Spread the word. …don’t forget to remind … close friends not to mention [the] job search online, too.

What interview?

When possible, job seekers should schedule interviews outside of work hours. When an employee leaves work for a few hours here and there, that can alert an employer that the employee is looking elsewhere. In other words, “if you are in an active search, you better save up your vacation days.”

We can help

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