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The Best Source of Referrals Already Works for You


When people are looking for a new restaurant, a car dealership or a babysitter, they may ask friends for referrals. How about when people are looking for a new job? Although many people may not be aware of it, friends can be a great resource for that, too.

What are employee referrals?

When a current employee recommends a friend for a job opening, that’s considered an employee referral. When an individual applies at the urging of a current employee, that’s also considered an employee referral. This is more than just friends recommending friends for jobs: Employee referrals are the most effective sourcing channel for new hires.

Some companies pay the employee for making the referral. For example, one hospital pays the referring employee $1,250 when a nurse with a BSN has been employed for 90 days and an equal amount when the BSN has been there for a year. Other companies may recognize the referring employee in other ways. For example, they may offer public recognition through social media, a special parking spot or other special perks.

Why are employee referrals valuable?

Referred candidates are more likely to get hired, perform better and last longer in jobs. That’s a very big deal for the company doing the hiring and the individual getting hired. When a company is hiring for a new position at any level, it’s always better to find someone who’s more likely to perform better and stay longer.

The benefits don’t end there. Employee referrals can also save the company a significant amount of money. If the company asks for employee referrals before advertising a job and hires a referred applicant, the company can avoid traditional recruiting costs. As an added bonus, that new hire will onboard faster than a traditional hire. One of the bonuses of having the referring friend at work is that there’s always someone – other than the boss or new colleagues – to go to with questions.

Establishing an employee referral program

As noted above, there are different ways to structure these programs. Some offer monetary incentives, while others go with a perks-based system. A small company with a less formal structure may simply ask employees to refer potential hires and choose a reward structure that fits with the company’s culture.

A company that is larger or more structured may take a more formal approach. This may include setting up a task force of volunteers who are passionate about social media to tweet their jobs out. What happens when employee referrals are successful? That and other details should be determined before the program is formally introduced. After the program is established and launched, it’s important to remind employees about the program, especially around peak hiring times.

At 365 Healthcare Staffing, we offer up to $1,000 for registered nurse referrals and up to $500 for surgical tech or sterile tech referrals.

Great employees, great referrals

At 365 Healthcare Staffing Services, we specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals in per diem, travel, and permanent assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. We help find great employees, and great employees offer great referrals. It’s that simple. Give us a call at 310.436.3650 today.