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4 Questions to Ask on Your Next Job Interview

4 Questions to Ask on Your Next Job Interview

During a job interview, the interviewer asks a lot of questions, but what about when the interviewer asks if the candidate has questions? That’s just a courtesy, right? Wrong! The interviewer may be trying to gauge whether [the candidate] is informed, interested, and engaged.

That means that a candidate who doesn’t have any questions may not leave the most favorable impression about this part of the interview. However, candidates should be mindful of what they ask. The questions should be relevant, meaningful, and appropriate – like the four questions below.

  1. What makes someone successful here?

It can be very helpful for a candidate to gain insight about how to succeed in the position. There are a few different ways to frame this question. It can be about attributes: What attributes does someone need to have in order to be really successful in this position? or skills: What types of skills is the team missing that you’re looking to fill with a new hire?

  1. How will I impact the team?

During the interview, a candidate can get a sense of how the team works together by asking this simple question. It can be used to delve [into] the dynamics and personalities of the team, which can help the candidate decide if the position would be a good fit.

This question gives the interviewers some important insight, too. It shows them that the candidate recognizes that they will work as part of a team. This is important because healthcare facilities prefer to hire people who work well with others, have good social skills, get along well with patients and visitors, and can pull together as a team for the sake of patient care.

  1. Future of the company

During an interview, an interviewer may ask where the candidate hopes to be in five years. Candidates can ask a variation of the same question. The candidate can ask about how the company plans to grow, adapt to a changing market or engage in a particular area of research. This is a good time for the candidate to demonstrate some knowledge of the company and ask a question based on that. It shows that the candidate has done homework and is serious about this company.

  1. One question very specific to something recent with the company

Again, this question shows that the candidate has done some homework; however, it’s important to be careful. Some candidates end up questioning the company … presenting the information they’ve gathered in a negative way. Instead, candidates can say something like ‘I saw this and I love it.’ It’s a way for candidates to show they cared enough – and took the interview seriously enough – to do the research and can use that information to add value to the interview process.

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