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What Does a Surgical Tech Do on a Daily Basis?


When a patient requires surgery or another type of procedure, each healthcare professional in the room fulfills an important role. Each person has specific duties to ensure that, as a team, they provide the patient with the best possible care. The surgical tech is an important member of that team.

The basics

A surgical technologist, also known as a surgical tech, is an important member of any type of operating room team. The surgical tech is the individual tasked with assembling the right instruments for the surgical procedure to be performed. The job does not end there; when a surgeon requests a surgical tool, they are probably asking for the help of a surgical tech.

In addition to hospital operating rooms, surgical technologists can work in a variety of other environments, including dental and orthodontic offices, private surgical facilities and organizations that deal with organ and tissue donation. In addition, they can teach future surgical technologists.

The details

When the surgical tech is preparing the supplies for the procedure, it’s important to pay close attention to the details. The list of supplies will vary depending on the procedure, and the technologist must be aware of the surgeon’s specific requirements, as well. This includes whether the doctor is right-handed or left-handed because the doctor’s dominant hand helps determine how the room is organized.

In addition, surgical technologists are responsible for several other important tasks. They prepare patients for surgery, including washing and disinfecting incision sites, counting supplies such as sponges, sharps, and instruments, and maintaining a sterile environment to prevent infection.

The delivery room

Surgical techs who work in delivery rooms have specific duties that are important to ensuring that the delivery is safe and sterile for the mother and baby. The surgical tech makes sure the delivery room is clean and ready and that all supplies and tools the doctor needs are readily available. The surgical tech’s other duties include transporting the patient from the labor room to the delivery room and monitoring her vital signs.

After the baby is delivered, the surgical tech may be responsible for cleaning off the baby and wrapping the baby in a sterile blanket. The surgical tech’s duties do not end there; the final steps include sterilizing instruments, replacing supplies and sanitizing the delivery room for the next mom and baby.

The patient care team

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