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How Does a Surgical Tech Make a Difference in the World?


Everyone can make a difference in the world. How about making a difference at work? People in many professions can do this, and surgical techs are definitely on that list.

Attention to Detail

An individual facing surgery may face a range of emotions, including nervousness, apprehension, and even fear. The surgical team works together to minimize the chance of any problems, and the surgical tech is a key member of that team. The tech organizes the tools according to the surgeon’s preferences, transports the supplies to the operating room, and hands the proper instruments and medication to the surgeon.

One of the surgical tech’s main duties is to create and maintain a sterile environment. This may include helping surgeons and other operating room team members put their sterile gowns, gloves, and caps on. This allows everyone to remain sterile after they’ve scrubbed. The surgical tech also keeps an eye on everything during the operation to ensure that the environment remains sterile. This is a critical step to reduce the chances of infection for the patient.

Communication and Teamwork

There are many people in an operating room environment. Good communication is important to ensure that everyone can do their jobs effectively and to reduce the chance of mistakes. When a surgical tech communicates effectively and purposefully with patients and other health care providers, it makes a difference for everyone. It makes the work environment professional and pleasant for colleagues, and it reassures patients and helps them feel more comfortable.

Communication and teamwork go beyond simply talking about a case or answering a question. The surgical tech is responsible for many crucial aspects of any given case; for example, a surgical tech may coordinate a camera or change robotic instruments, as directed by the surgeon, during an endoscopic case. Everyone works together to ensure quality care: surgical techs participate in debriefings, keep accurate records, and work as part of the care team.

Satisfying and Motivating

Surgical techs check charts, observe vital signs, deal with surgical equipment, maintain the sterile field, and much more. All of these duties are crucial to ensure the surgery goes well. However, surgical techs often provide physical and emotional support, as well, and that duty can make a tremendous difference for the patient in ways that can’t be measured.

When people make a difference in their professional lives, it can lead to great personal and professional satisfaction; it may also motivate them to continue to do top-notch work. A surgical tech career comes with a high level of satisfaction and higher meaning. What better motivation is there than helping save lives, making a difference, and improving patients’ quality of life?

Making a Difference

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